Send a Case

Please contact us for details on shipping your case to NDX Pacific. Depending on your location and hours you may qualify for our daily case pick-up and delivery. We can also provide shipping labels and instructions for non-local clients. Call 1-866-469-0305 for more details.

Your Prescription Form

Fill out your RX form. Once completed and signed, enclose the form with your next case.

Download General RX form
   ​Crown & Bridge Preference Sheet
   Removable Preference Sheet

Submitting Your Case

Whether it's through local pick-up, delivery or even digitally, NDX Pacific offers multiple options for getting your case to and from the lab in a timely fashion.

Learn more about your options

Digital Impressions

NDX Pacific accepts files from all major scanning systems, making the transition to digital dentistry easy for your practice.

Learn more about submitting digital impressions

Turnaround Timeframe

Check out our Product Turn-around calendar to determine the timeframe in which you'll receive back your restoration in office.

Download Turnaround Times

Customer Account Portal

NDX Pacific provides 24-hour access to your account. We make it easy to find answers to your practice or business questions at all times. You can also connect with our lab to quickly find the support you need. Some of our Account Portal features the following: Make Payment, Submit an RX, View Case Status, Schedule a Pickup, View Sales/Payment info, Reprint Invoices and/or Statements, and Order lab supplies (boxes, bags, etc.).

To access your NDX Pacific Account Portal, click here