Satisfaction Guaranteed With Our Products

To ensure accurate processing and minimal delays when submitting a remake case to NDX Pacific, the following should be provided:

1. The reason for the case remake written in detail on the Rx form. 

2. All original case components (restorations, models, impressions, bite registrations, etc.) must be returned with the remake case for the lab to evaluate accurately. Please note: Original case components must be returned within 60 days from the original invoice date for a 100% credit to be issued to the dentist's NDX Pacific account. 

3. All remakes will be fabricated at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date with the exception of the following circumstances:

A. The product or shade has been changed from the original case fabricated. Please note: Shade changes, whether a remake or correction, will incur a charge. For removable prosthetics requiring a tissue shade, if not specified on the Rx, will automatically be defaulted to standard pink. If a tissue shade is changed, a charge will also be incurred.

B. The partial denture fits the master cast.

C. The case is cancelled after fabrication was initiated. Fabrication begins the day NDX Pacific receives the case. In this instance, the case will be invoiced at full cost. 

The cost for fabricating custom made dental restorations and appliances cannot be refunded in cash. Should a case not meet NDX Pacific’s exceptional standards for quality, function, and aesthetics, a credit will be applied to the dentist’s NDX Pacific account. Any credit balance on a NDX Pacific account must be used for lab services within 60 days from the date of issue or it expires. 


No Warranty
Masel Crown
Veneers (once cemented or re-prepped)
Diagnostic Wax-up
Immediate Partials and Dentures

Ortho Appliances
Pro-Form Sport Guard
Night Guards
5-Year Crown & Bridge
IPS e.max CAD, IPS e.max Press, IPS Empress CAD and 
IPS Empress

Full/Solid Zirconia, Zirconia Layered, BruxZir Solid Zirconia and BruxZir Anterior Solid Zirconia

Non-Precious, Semi-Precious, High Noble

5-Year Indirect Composites (Crowns / Inlays / Onlays)
5-Year Removables
Cast Partials (Complete or Unilateral)
Vitallium 2000, Chrome Cobalt, Valplast with Vitallium Subframe

Non-Metal Partials (Complete or Unilateral)
Valplast Flexible Partial

Standard and Premium (Portrait IPN, Blueline, Vita Physiodens with Lucitone 199)
All prices are subject to change without notice and are quoted as complete (one stage) or one unit. Some products are subject to additional fees, e.g., C & B and removable extras, attachments and additional implant parts, multiple stages and alloy weight charges.