Treat Your Patient's Migraine Pain or Tension Headache with the NTI-tss Plus™

The NTI-tss Plus migraine guard is the only dental device proven to treat migraine pain and frequency. If you are looking for innovative ways to grow your practice quickly and easily, you can take advantage of offering the NTI as an effective and safe, drug-free treatment alternative to the multitudes of migraine patients coming through your office every year.


Benefits of the NTI-tss Plus Appliance:

  • Drug-free therapy for migraine pain
  • Easy to seat, saving chair time
  • Comfortable fit for increased patient satisfaction
  • Reduces clenching intensity by 70%*
  • Prevents tooth wear
  • Superior alternative to full coverage bite guards


NTI for all Shapes & Sizes

  There are many styles of NTI available. Your NDX lab will customize the product to your patient’s dentition and therapeutic needs.
  • Every mouth has a different shape and the NTI-tss Plus is designed in a way that fits your patient.
  • NDX has a team of trained professionals whose sole job is to focus on appliance evaluation and design. Simply select NTI on your Rx form and allow NDX to finalize the design.

Provide the Solution for Your Patients’ Migraines

Ready to get started? Adding the NTI to your practice is simple and only requires a few steps:
  1. Add the NTI-tss Plus Headache Questionnaire to your patient paperwork.
  2. Show patients interested in migraine or headache relief the short NTI video or have them read the NTI Patient Brochure.
  3. Because the NTI is a dental device similar to a small bite guard, it requires no medical diagnosis, so you can take impressions that day.
  4. Send your impressions to an NDX lab for fabrication. Please include upper and lower PVS impressions and a maximum protrusive measurement.
  5. NDX will return the case to your office in approximately two weeks.
It is recommended that all new NTI patients sign the ‘NTI Informed Consent’ form. While most patients pay out of pocket for the NTI, you can bill dental insurance for it using one of the following codes: D7880, D9946, or D8210.

Useful Materials for Your Practice


These materials were developed with practice growth in mind. Get a head start and download the forms to get them incorporated into your office today! 

Request a Free NTI Patient Welcome Kit

Interested in learning more about NTI? Contact your NDX sales representative to arrange an in-office learning session for yourself and your team. You can also complete the form below to receive our NTI Patient Welcome Kit that includes a Patient Headache Questionnaire and Consent Form, Migraine Patient Brochures with brochure stand and an NTI-tss Plus sample product appliance to show your patients.

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*NTI-tss Plus™: A Unique Bruxism Treatment Device. Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. 2011; 32(9).