DSO Lab Program

NDX is the largest network of dental laboratories in the U.S. and the best solution to help you grow your Dental Service Organization, Dental Support Organization or Dental Group Practice Organization. With more than 30 locations, and the ability to serve dentists anywhere in the U.S., we offer a comprehensive product catalog at a remarkable value — providing the service and support you need for each doctor to be successful.
Our cutting-edge laboratory technologies allow for consistent, high-quality restorations. The use of scanners, digital design stations and milling machines creates efficient workflows and reduced turnaround times, while simultaneously reducing the per-unit cost. These digital systems can be programmed to satisfy DSO or GPO-specific preferences, ensuring that your company will receive restorations that conform to your unique business requirements.

NDX offers specific advantages and services to our dental service organization
and dental group practice organization partners:

Best-in-class competitive pricing 

Access to the entire NDX network of labs

Marketing sponsorships & support

Case management portal

At NDX, we are partnered with over 50 Dental Service Organizations.

NDX offers the simplicity of working with one strategic partner to provide you with unique products and services for every aspect of your dental enterprise. Combining the power and flexibility of our nationwide network, NDX provides the local service and responsiveness that you expect from your lab partner.

Some of our DSO Partners include: