Full Ceramic

Full Ceramic

The aesthetic demands of the American consumer have been increasing through the years. The NDX Full Ceramic family of crowns can meet this demand. These restorations offer high translucency, natural vitality and excellent marginal integrity.

IPS e.max®


  • Anterior and posterior restorations (incisal/occlusal reduction 1.5 - 2.0 mm)
  • Veneers (.6 - .8 mm of facial reduction)
  • Minimally invasive inlays, onlays, and partial crowns
  • Implant restorations


  • Signs of severe bruxism and/or clenching
  • Limited occlusal space
  • A history of broken restorations and/or teeth Preparation
  • 1.5mm occlusal and axial wall reduction
  • 1mm chamfer margin required

Adjusting and Polishing

  • Use a fine grit diamond at slow speed with copious amounts of water
  • Polish with a porcelain polishing wheel (Brasseler, Shofu and Vident) and diamond polishing paste

Bonding or Cementation

Bonding: Indicated for maximum retention and compressive strength of crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays when tooth preps are primarily supra-gingival and isolation is possible. Use self-cure or dual cure adhesive cements for most restorations. For cosmetic veneers use light cure or dual cure cements with shading options. Recommended adhesive resin cements include:

  • Variolink II (Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • RelyX ARC (3M Espe)
  • Calibra (Dentsply)

Cementation: Indicated for full coverage crowns only. Use self adhesive resin cements or resin modified glass ionomer (expansion less than .5%) in situations where a conventional cement would normally be used, i.e., a retentive prep design, a high-strength restoration with adequate thickness, or a tight fitting crown. Some recommended self-adhesive cements include:

  • RelyX Unicem (3M Espe)
  • SpeedCEM (Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • GC Fuji Plus (GC America)

Dental Insurance Codes

  • D6519 Inlay/Onlay - Porcelain Ceramic
  • D2740 Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
  • D2783 Crown 3/4 Porcelain Ceramic (Does not include veneers)
  • D2962 Labial Veneer (Porcelain Laminate)
  • D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic
  • D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic