NDX Now Offers Shipping Through UPS Healthcare

NDX is taking our customer service to the next level and is transitioning our commercial carrier service from FedEx to UPS Healthcare.

UPS Healthcare is patient-centric and shares in our belief that your case is a patient, not a package. UPS Healthcare’s state-of-the-art solutions empower us to provide you with:

  • Reliable turnaround times
  • Advanced tracking
  • and much more
  • Priority handling service
  • Mobile capabilities

Select a participating lab to generate UPS labels and schedule pickups


Why is National Dentex switching from FedEx to UPS?

Delivering cases on time for you and your patients is our highest priority. By leveraging the UPS Healthcare network, your cases will be given top priority to minimize delays.

Will there be any change in pickup or delivery times?

Pickup and delivery times should remain as they currently are. Please feel free to contact Customer Service to confirm pickup and delivery times.

Can I call to requests pickups as I always have?

Yes, please call anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I continue to use the NDX Customer Portal to request pickups?

Yes! The Customer Portal is a time saver. Please contact Customer Service if you have not previously used the portal and we will be happy to introduce the portal to you.

FedEx currently picks up daily from my office but UPS does not. How can I be sure my cases will be picked up?

UPS pickups can be requested by phone or via the portal before 3pm.

Can I order shipping labels?

You can generate the label online easily. Go to your preferred participating Lab's page, on the top Menu click on "Send a Case" and select the "How to ship a case" dropdown option. Also you can call Customer Service to request labels. Please note, if you already receive return labels with your cases, you will continue to receive return labels via this method.

Can I continue using FedEx?

The UPS Healthcare network provides considerable benefits to our customers and is our chosen partner to best take care of you and your patients. Please contact Customer Service if you have any further questions.

For further assistance, please contact us at 800.259.3717