Customer Testimonials


Dr. Michael Verber

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

“I have worked exclusively with Thayer because they truly are a comprehensive laboratory. Whether I’m working on a simple single tooth restoration, a demanding aesthetic treatment, or a complex rehabilitation case, they always meet my expectations. Thayer is an extraordinary combination of talent, technology, and efficiency that allows them to serve both the general and comprehensive specialty patients within my practice.”


Dr. Brian Bowser

York, Pennsylvania

“As dentists, we rely on a laboratory to make us look good. NDX Thayer has delivered over and over in this regard. The restorations I receive from NDX Thayer look natural, blend well with the surrounding teeth, have great, accurate margins, and rarely require any adjustment. This provides very short cementation appointments, and patients who are happy with the aesthetics, feel, and ease of placement of the restoration. Another great thing about NDX Thayer is their dedication to using the best techniques, technology, and materials, and their willingness to consult with you to provide their input on the best course of treatment for the patient. It is nice to have a lab whose philosophy mirrors that of my own office.”


Dr. Omar Mahmassani

Frederick, Maryland

“Thayer Dental Laboratory has been consistent in their excellent quality of work since I started using them. The ease of communication with any of their technicians makes the work flow smoothly. Their meticulous attention to details and expertise in esthetics resulted in numerous “wows” from patients and staff alike so many times over the years.”


Dr. Joann L. Frey

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“Thayer provides exceptional quality craftsmanship. I know them and they know me. My patients appreciate the time and skill they put into fabricating high quality esthetic restorations. If my patients are happy, I’m happy. That makes practicing dentistry very rewarding. This ever changing world of materials can be overwhelming. I’m so grateful to have such a knowledgeable partner that strives to stay current and provide my practice with useful restorative options. Whatever my needs, Thayer is there to support and provide me with the essentials I need for a successful and satisfying career.”