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Stern Empire was originally founded in 1910 by Max Scholl, and at that time called Scholl Dental Laboratory. The Stern brothers purchased Scholl Dental Lab in 1949 and changed the name to Stern Dental Laboratory. In 1969, Stern Dental Laboratory merged with one of their biggest competitors, Empire Dental Lab and became Stern Empire Dental Lab. In 1984 we rebranded our lab as NDX Stern Empire when we became a division of National Dentex Corporation (NDX) - the largest family of dental laboratories in the country.

Originally the lab began to provide denture services to the sparse but growing dental profession in the Houston area, NDX Stern Empire has grown steadily to become a leading national laboratory serving dentists in all 50 states. Although the vulcanite dentures we produced back in the early 1900’s are long gone, the same dedication to helping dentists achieve success has endured.

Today we offer a wide range of reliable dental laboratory products, all manufactured with FDA approved and ADA accepted materials. Dentists can count on NDX Stern Empire for the latest in monolithic ceramic restorations, complex dental implant prosthetics, functional orthodontic appliances, and much more. Dentists working with NDX Stern Empire rely on a team of eleven certified technicians, our in-house dentist consultant, Dr. Keith Coburn, and a devoted customer service team allowing for prompt material recommendations, estimate assistance, case planning, and quality restorations delivered on-time.

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