Satisfaction Guarantee

NDX Keller will protect the customer from failure due to defective material and workmanship during normal use. Guarantees are defined by specific product lines.

Guarantee Protection by Product Line:

  • Fixed:
    • Znext™ FCZ, Znext™ Anterior and Enext™ have 100% Replacement if product fails within 8 years under normal use.
    • Other Fixed Primary Products (including Znext™ Layered and Znext™ Veneered): 5 years from date of purchase.
    • Fixed Temporary Use Products: Temporaries, Wax-Ups and other miscellaneous fixed products do not fall under the guarantee umbrella due to the temporary nature of these products.
  • Appliances:
    • Bite Guards, NTI-tss™ and Sleep Appliances: 12 months from date of purchase, with the exception of Invisible Retainers and Bleaching Trays.
    • Invisible Retainers/Bleaching Trays/Pro-Form Athletic Guards: 90 days from date of purchase.
  • Removables:
    • New Removable Products: 12 months from date of purchase, with the exception of immediates, economy flippers and treatment partials.

During the guarantee period, NDX Keller will take the following steps:

  • Remake or repair the original product, with cost to the customer described in the product warranty.
  • Replace the defective product with one of equal or lesser value. If the replacement product is of greater value, the customer will be charged for the difference.
  • The guarantee is specific to the original Patient and Doctor and cannot be transferred to another doctor or patient. 

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

NDX Keller guarantees complete customer satisfaction for the first 90 days after completion of all new products. If not satisfied, NDX Keller will take the following steps to make it right:

  • Remake or repair the original product at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Remake as a different product of equal or greater value and charge only the difference in cost.
  • Issue credit for full refund if returned.

This guarantee may be altered if the customer chooses to go forward with a treatment option not recommended by NDX Keller. Notification of this risk will be communicated to the customer in advance.

If any alterations to prep or dentition is made after initial impression, charges may apply.