Chairside Services

NDX Green offers chairside service to assist doctors in making their challenging cases successful. Our knowledgeable technicians act as liaisons between the dentist, dental auxiliary, patient and the laboratory. During chairside consultation, both the doctor and staff will learn about materials being used and new techniques that will apply specifically to the case in question. Ensure successful results and avoid wasting costly chairtime by utilizing NDX Green’s chairside services.

Benefits to your Practice:

  • Satisfy patients’ high expectations with shades that match existing dentition
  • Eliminate additional chairtime
  • Reduce time and cost associated with returning cases to lab
  • Increase patient treatment plan acceptance
  • Reduce office frustration and stress
  • Learn techniques to make your practice more efficient

Complimentary Chairside Services for eligible clients:

  • Custom Stains on Anterior Crowns and Bicuspids (excluding full zirconia)
  • Add Porcelain
  • Contour Adjustments
  • Seat All-Ceramic Restorations
  • Implant Impression
  • Implant Try-In
  • Implant Seating 
  • Change Attachments 
  • Implant Complications (Under Warranty) 
  • Removable Try-In Adjustments 
  • Lunch and Learn Programs for the Office

Charged Services for eligible clients at a nominal fee*

  • Temporize
  • Implant Complications (out of warranty)
  • Convert Denture to Implant Support
  • All-on-Four (single arch)
  • All-on-Four (double arch)
* These services do not count against your monthly complimentary chairsides.

Who is eligible?

All dentists within the pick-up and delivery area of NDX Green are eligible for the chairside service. The complimentary chairsides are available based on average sales volume.

How do I get started with this service?

Simply call NDX Green at 1-800-247-1365 to find out what your are eligible for and schedule your appointment today!