CBCT Surgical Guides

CBCT Surgical Guides

Take the guesswork out of your implant cases with a CBCT Surgical Guide from NDX Green. CBCT Surgical Guides empower you to place implants with increased confidence and speed, can improve primary stability, reduce chance of injury and provide a better overall outcome for your patient.

With our Surgical Guides, you will be able to perform surgery in a more expeditious manner, which is planned out digitally beforehand, allowing you to treat your patients more confidently.

Benefits of placing implants with an NDX Green CBCT Surgical Guide include:

  • A live consultation with our implant experts to assist in surgical planning
  • Guided surgeries are more efficient and precise
  • Guides can be created with overlaying STL files for clear representation of dentition
  • Our Surgical Guides are compatible with all guided systems from major implant manufacturers

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