A variety of abutment options are available to clinicians through NDX. Stock or custom, metal or ceramic, we’ve got the right abutment for the case. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with today’s implant systems and can assist in abutment selection.

GI abutments g200 from a dental lab serving the US and Canada

Custom Milled Abutments

Vendor supplied abutment, please refer to the following list of vendors used by NDX.

NDX Value Bundle

Compatible custom abutments are available in Titanium, Zirconia with Titanium Base and All-Zirconia to fit your patients’ individual needs. Titanium abutments are commonly used in all regions of the mouth due to their strength. Zirconia abutments provide the best possible aesthetics and are commonly used in the anterior with all-ceramic or zirconia restorations. Compatible custom abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to facilitate a natural-looking emergence and optimize soft-tissue contours and crown aesthetics. This precise interface also ensures comfortable delivery of the final restoration and excellent gingival health. These custom abutments are competitively priced and provide compatibility for up to 12 of the most popular implant systems.


I Abutments from a dental lab serving the US and Canada

Stock Abutments

Please contact us to get more information about the types of stock abutments available.