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NDX Affinity takes pride in taking care of our customers with high quality products and exceptional customer service. We treat our customers as family & love to build current and new relationships every step of the way. We believe in open communication and mutual honesty and respect. For us there is nothing more important than building a dependable relationship between you and our lab.

We recently made the decision in June 2016 to change our name from Keller-SE dental laboratories to NDX Affinity and move into a new facility to better serve all of your dental needs. We are the same staff with the same smiling faces, now with a new and improved facility that has the lastest technology including in-house milling and new digital capabilities including the ability to accept all IOS files. We are always happy to give lab tours or for you so please feel free to stop by! Contact Jason Robbins (General Manager) or Kerry Patterson (Director of Operations) and they would love to schedule a time to have you and your staff take a tour.

We are also proud to say NDX Affinity has an exceptional, knowledgeable staff with CDT’s in crown/bridge, ceramics, and dentures/partials. We opened the doors to our operation in 1982 thanks to Ned Daly (Fixed) and Glenn Block (Removable) who are still here today and who can help you with all of your technical needs backed by decades of technical experience