Replacing Fractured Porcelain on a Bridge

Replacing Fractured Porcelain on a Bridge

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Replacing Fractured Porcelain on a Bridge
“Don’t Pull That Bridge!”
Step 1: Recover any large pieces of porcelain from the patient to assist in shade matching and take a shade from adjoining crowns. In case of a pontic fracture take the shade from the abutment teeth.

Step 2: Take a study model impression to include the fracture area. Note any unusual design factors on the substructure that you are aware of but do not show up in the impression or study model. We will prepare the fractured area on the model and return it to you as a cutting guide.

Step 3: Prepare an area on the patient’s bridge (in the mouth) as indicated on the cutting guide. Don’t be alarmed if there are small holes ground in the metal as the repair coping and cement will protect the tooth structure.

Step 4: Take an elastometric impression to include the prepared area and send it to the lab along with the prescription. Please include the shade selection and large pieces of fractured porcelain.

Step 5: We will fabricate the repair coping and return it to you for your patient.

Self-cure resin cements that utilize metal priming agents are recommended for the strongest adhesion.

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