How to Fabricate a New Crown Under Existing Partial

How to Fabricate a New Crown Under Existing Partial

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Step by step instructions from Dr. Allen Weiner

When a tooth abutting a partial denture requires crowning, the dentist traditionally picks up the prosthesis in a full-arch transfer impression and sends it to the laboratory. This allows the technician to use the clasps as a guide when creating the crown contour.

For most patients, going dentureless (even for a few days) is unpleasant. Without the prosthesis, mastication may be difficult. If the RPD includes anterior teeth, the patient may spend the period between appointments hiding from the world in mortified seclusion.

The following technique uses a Blu- Mousse Super-Fast index to register the clasp-tooth-relationship. This allows the technician or dentist to create an accurate template of the clasp. As a result, the patient never has to surrender the prosthesis.

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