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Prepare your data for upload

Prior to sending us your data, please prepare your data for upload. We can accept anything you would like to send us including photos, DICOM data and other file types related to the cases you are submitting.

  1. Maximum total file size = 2GB
  2. If sending large volumes of data, please zip all files prior to sending.
  3. Maximum 10 files can be uploaded at a time and upload time is dependent on your internet upload speed.
  4. Make sure to note the patient name and doctor’s name when uploading data. You can easily put this information in the subject or message folder.
  5. Make sure you keep the page open until all files have been uploaded; closing the page will result in a failed upload attempt.
  6. Upload progress will not be shown during upload if you are using Microsoft Edge browser.
We do everything we can to make sure you can upload your files as quickly as possible. If you're experiencing a slow upload time, it may be due to exceptionally large files as well as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network connection.

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