Bite Guards

Bite Guards

Nocturnal parafunctional activity has the potential to seriously damage the teeth, muscles, and joints of some patients. Restorations on damaged teeth are often subject to the very same destructive forces and may fracture as a result of severe bruxism and clenching. NDX appliances are designed to prevent the harmful effects of nocturnal parafunction, and are made with the most durable materials using industry leading techniques. For details on choosing the best option for your patient, contact our technical service team.

Comfort H/S™


  • Prevent damage from parafunction
  • Protect restorations
  • Diagnose occlusal concerns


  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Severe bruxism
  • Multiple edentulous areas
  • Short clinical crown, minimal retentive undercut

Benefits of Comfort H/S™

  • Durable: Protects natural teeth and restorations from the damaging effects of parafunction
  • Comfortable: Soft interior provides maximum comfort to increase patient compliance
  • Cost Effective: Increase case acceptance with a low lab fee

Adjustment Tips

  • For adjustment of the hard outer material, it is recommended that you use a pear shaped bur and a high torque - low speed hand piece
  • For internal adjustments, heat a Bard Parker Blade and conservatively relieve tight areas

Patient Care

  • Clean with antibacterial soap and cool water
  • Store dry
  • Do not use alcohol containing cleaners or breath fresheners

Taking the Bite Registration

  • Place two cotton rolls behind the cuspids and instruct the patient to close until resistance is felt
  • With the patient closed into this open bite, inject bite registration into the posterior openings of both quadrants
  • Inject bite registration material into the anterior opening

What to Send

  • Upper and lower PVS impressions
  • Open bite with 2mm clearance in posterior

Dental Insurance Codes

  • D7880 - Occlusal Orthotic Device, by report
  • D9944 - Occlusal Guard, by report
  • D8210 - Removable Habit Appliance


What is Thermo-Guard™? Composed of a unique composite material, Thermo-Guard™ is thinner than a traditional hard/soft guard, but durable enough for the active nocturnal bruxer. Thermo-Guard™ becomes flexible under hot water, making it easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. When the material cools to intraoral temperature it becomes hard enough to protect your patients’ teeth and restorations.

Compared to Hard/Soft Guards

  • Thermo-Guard™ is Self Adjusting: Heat it under hot water and the guard will mold to the teeth
  • Thermo-Guard™ is Less Bulky: Superior wearability and patient comfort compared to traditional hard/soft guards
  • Thermo-Guard™ has Faster Seating Time: Better fit reduces seating time and dimensional stability means fewer, if any, adjustments

Hot Tip

When you receive the Thermo-Guard™ from the laboratory, it will have a cloudy appearance. Not to worry, the cloudiness will disappear in about 48-72 hours, leaving a nice clear acrylic nightguard.

Thermo-Guard™ softens slightly in warm water so it conforms more readily to tooth contours. Immediately prior to insertion, immerse the Thermo-Guard™ in hot tap water for one to two minutes. This simple step will allow final customization for the patient’s optimum comfort.

What to Send

  • Full arch upper and lower PVS impressions
  • Centric bite or open bite with 2mm of posterior clearance

Dental Insurance Codes

  • D7880 - Occlusal Orthotic Device, by report
  • D9944 - Occlusal Guard, by report
  • D8210 - Removable Habit Appliance


Whether for a pro or amateur, no athlete’s equipment set is complete without a proper mouthguard. We offer the utmost in protection while also providing a comfortable fit. Our SportsGuards are made from dual-layered laminated sheet vinyl for maximum protection against tooth breakage during sports activity. Pressure-fabricated from an impression, they offer much better fit and protection than the traditional “boil-and-bite” mouthguards. SportsGuards are available in a variety of colors and can be customized with your patient’s name or team logo.


  • Maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage
  • Custom-fitted for natural comfort in any size mouth
  • Better oxygen intake for maximum performance
  • Easier speech for better communication on the field
  • Various color, name and logo options

Dental Insurance Codes:

  • D9941 - Fabrication of athletic mouthguard

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