NDX Aligners are premium products that provide your patients with an optimal way to straighten and improve their smiles.

From the initial consultation and treatment planning to case monitoring, our team is dedicated to assisting you at every stage of your journey.

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Product Details

Treatment Plan
Treatment Planning by Experts

Your case is fully planned and designed by a team of clinicians and orthodontists.

Low Refinement Rate*

In a study with 3,585 cases, every two out of three cases did not require refinements at the end of the treatment.

LEARN MORE *Based on internal research Data on file.
Ultra Clear and Stain Resistant*

NDX Aligners are made from Zendura® FLX, which is designed for both initial clarity and stain resistance.

Comfort Paired with Ongoing Force Retention*

Zendura FLX provides significant patient comfort while delivering firm, but gentle forces to move teeth over the prescribed usage time.

LEARN MORE *Reference: ZenduraFLX
Support at Your Fingertips

From one-on-one meetings to special aligner courses and CE, you can count on us.

Clinical Support
One-on-one clinical support for case review

If a need arises to speak with our team of clinicians and orthodontists about a case, you can schedule a one-on-one call to discuss it.
Must have portal access to schedule calls.



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  • The NDX lab team provides high quality, comfortable fitting aligners that yield excellent and consistent results. As a General Dentist, I am happy to report that the addition of NDX Aligners to your practice offers a team-oriented approach to achieving successful and predictable orthodontic outcomes — an excellent in-house service for your patients.

    Andrew Maples, DMD Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


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