Retainers & Maintainers

NDX orthodontic solutions vary based on the needs of our dentists and their patients. Our most frequently ordered products are listed below. Please contact an NDX representative for any specific designs that you do not see listed.

Hawley Retainer

Available for both upper or lower arches, the Hawley is cold cure acrylic with an embedded labial bow and accompanying retentive clasps.
  • Various colors of acrylic available
  • Choose from Adam’s, ‘C’ clasps, ball clasps, and other retentive clasp options
  • Customized design or lab recommended


  • Multiple designs allow it to work for almost every patient
  • No occlusal coverage means it will not wear down from bruxing
  • Acrylic and ortho-wire construction increases long-term durability
  • Easy to adjust chairside

Dental Insurance Codes:

  • D8680
  • D8692 (replacement)
  • D8694 (repair)

Invisible Retainer

Invisible retainers are thin lightweight and easy to wear. During the day, speech impingement is minimal and the clear aesthetic look makes them almost unnoticeable. They are fabricated by pressure-forming a sheet of plastic retainer material around a model. A hard die-stone or PVS impression is recommended for primary records.

  • Available in different gauges for different levels of comfort and retention
  • Borders can be finished straight or scalloped
  • Require good tooth surface for retention
  • Material can be damaged by severe bruxers


  • Clear design makes them aesthetic for daytime wear
  • Economical option with a fast turnaround time
  • Can be made over shorter spans
  • Bonds with cold-cure acrylic

Space Maintainer

Small and unobtrusive in appearance we offer fixed or removable, unilateral or bilateral and each space maintainer is custom fit to your exacting specifications.