Cloud Case Storage

emodel® orthodontic study models deliver significant benefits that leverage the power of digital technology to advance the practice of orthodontics and dentistry.



Discover the benefits of emodel® Orthodontic Services!

emodel integration combines all your digital record needs into one seamless package. It allows you to retrieve your emodels directly from within your other integrated software programs.

  • Ease of Use – Free intuitive software integrates easily into your practice.
  • Increased Efficiency – Diagnose, treatment-plans and educate patients faster
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning – Seamless communication between orthodontists, general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and patients.
  • Precision – Our patented laser scanning process delivers unprecedented accuracy, clarity and resolution.
  • Savings – Eliminates the need for physical storage, saving you time and money.
  • Secure Online Storage and Improved Access – Secure online file storage with 24-hour access from anywhere.
  • Enhanced Revenues – State-of-the-art digital consultation capabilities.
  • Cost Effective Solution – emodels are delivered on a per use basis, providing access to state-of-the-art digital imaging technology without costly licensing fees or capital investments.
  • Speed – emodel software is designed to minimize download time and optimize internet performance.
For any emodel questions, please call 1-800-328-2568.

Ready to get started? Click here to download and install our free emodel software. Please note that you do not need to sign up for an account to download a copy of the software. 

Measurement Tools

  • Measure curved and linear distances (arch length, tooth width, etc.)
  • Measure cross sections (overbite, overjet, etc.)
  • Compute arch length discrepancies (Bolton analysis, etc.)
  • Determine ideal band circumference

Bite Registration Technology

  • Record multiple bites in a single emodel as determined by physical bite records (CR, CO, lateral excursive, etc.)
  • Observe and analyze mandible positions for each bite
  • Analyze relationships between bites
  • Save time and money currently devoted to mounting physical models on traditional articulators

Condyle Displacement Analysis

  • Superimpose a lateral ceph on the midline of an emodel
  • Identify the location of the left and right condyles graphically using the integrated ceph
  • Optionally describe the location of the condyles numerically using manually obtained measurements
  • Observe condyle displacement values (distances and angles) as the mandible moves from CR to CO/MI, protrusive bites and lateral excursive bites

Interference and Equilibration Analysis

  • Observe and quantify tooth interferences that can occur as the mandible moves
  • Rotate the mandible about the condyle axis to determine first contact
  • Over rotate the mandible about the condyle axis to determine subsequent points of contact
  • Display a color map that quantifies all interferences in a single image

eplan® Digital Set-ups

  • Isolate individual teeth in an emodel
  • Move, rotate, reshape and extract teeth 
  • Insert teeth from a library
  • Animate between pre and post treatment
  • Explore different treatment options
  • Display multiple treatment options side-by-side
  • Educate patients and provide a compelling case for treatment adaption

Viewing and Printing

  • View, manipulate and analyze multiple emodels side-by-side
  • Show “before-and-after” conditions in case presentations
  • Print “before-and-after” images
  • Print any image actual size