Submitting a Case

Your patients are important to us, and ensuring we receive their case safely is the first step to a successful case. Please follow the steps below to guarantee your case will arrive successfully!

Packing Your Case

  1. Complete and sign the prescription form
  2. Place the following items in the case box:
    • Prescription form - Fixed RX Form or Removable RX Form
    • Impression(s)
    • Bites and upper/lower study models
    • Complete contact information
    • All other relevant information
      • If you would like to send digital photos for your case, please check the box on the RX form and email us your photos with the name of the dentist and patient included so we can match the photos back to your case.
  3. Packing tips:
    • Seal impressions, models and bites in sanitary bag.
    • Carefully wrap models in bubble pouches.
    • Put small items in a labeled envelope or vial.
    • Multiple cases may be sent within the same package, but wrapped and labeled individually.
  4. Seal box securely using packing tape. Regular tape will not hold up through the shipping process.
  5. Have your case picked up by your regular in-house service, drop at your nearby FedEx or UPS location, or call NDX Rogers at 1-800-278-6046 for pickup.

Schedule a Pick-up

Call us today at 1-800-278-6046 to see if your location is included in our free pick-up and delivery service.  For those offices outside our route area, we offer pick-up and delivery services through FedEx or UPS. Please consider sending multiple cases at once to save on shipping.

Pre-printed FedEx or UPS label

  1. Fill in the From section, including your name, address and phone number. There is no need to fill in the Sender's FedEx or UPS Account Number.
  2. Remove the peel-and-stick backing from the back of the label and place it on the box.
  3. Save the top page for your records.
  4. Call us at 1-800-278-6046 for our FedEx or UPS account number or to request shipping labels.  To schedule your pick-up, call FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) or call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877).

Send Case Via Email

NDX Rogers can accept digital files from almost every intraoral scanner on the market. Click here for directions on sending your scans to us.

Need More Supplies?

If you need shipping labels, boxes, or RX Forms, call us at 1-800-278-6046 to order additional supplies.