Customer Testimonials


Dr. Rachel LePera

“Dr. Arne Hoffman is an extremely valuable asset to my practice. I have met with Dr. Hoffman to treatment plan numerous difficult cases. He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. It is unique to work with a dentist who has such extensive dental training, lab capability and who loves to teach. I have also enjoyed working with him chairside for certain cases. He has a calming demeanor with patients, and I have had nothing but amazing feedback. My patients have been thrilled to have Dr. Hoffman as part of their treatment team. Dr. Hoffman is a great mentor and advocate for us doctors!”



Dr. Dianne Pierson

“My cases are always returned early, and I rarely have to make adjustments, which saves me a lot of chair time!”



Dr. Randy Davis

“I had the opportunity of doing my first fixed hybrid denture conversion recently. I had the NDX Perry & Young Ninja team present to help with the process. Having been to several hands-on courses on this subject, but never having done one on an actual patient, I felt comfortable with the steps but nervous about doing it on my own. The Ninjas completely alleviated my stress and helped make the appointment go smoothly. My patient was also impressed with them and couldn’t believe that the lab would come in to the office to make sure the case went right. I would highly recommend using the Ninja Team to anyone who may be nervous about the process of restoring a fixed hybrid. I look forward to completing the case with them!”



Dr. Mollie Richardson

“NDX Perry & Young has continually exceeded my expectations on the quality and care of their work. They are a tremendous asset to my practice and my patient’s care. The entire team has been most instrumental to me in their collaboration for large aesthetic cases, from the initial aesthetic wax-up, custom cosmetic shades and through to delivery. They recently went above and beyond my already high expectations to deliver a full anterior aesthetic case that was nothing short of perfection. My patient was overwhelmed at how beautiful her new smile appeared, and I could not have done it without NDX Perry & Young. Their laboratory will, without a doubt, continue to be my office’s laboratory of choice because of their expertise and utmost quality of care.”



Dr. Alex Spivak

“I was just calling because I couldn’t say enough about the job that Jerry and Dr. Lewis did for me. Last Friday, we did an all-on-four case at Dr. Lee’s office. They were helping with a surgical conversion of a denture and everything went so smoothly. You can just tell how much planning went into it, and how much expertise they had. Just wanted to let you know, if you can pass on the good word, that I really appreciate all the work that you did. Just wanted to let you know how satisfied the patient is. He was very particular and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result that we got. So thanks for everything. Appreciate the good work.”



Dr. Eric A. Dziardziel & Dr. Mary Kay Krivy

“NDX Perry & Young lab is the best full-service lab that we have ever used! We love the precision, quality, aesthetics and awesome service.”