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In 1982 Bill Layman and James Cason came together and created “Teeth by Layman, & Cason” Better known as “T.L.C. Dental Laboratory”. Since 1982 dentists have trusted T.L.C. for consultation and to craft patients’ dentures, partial denture frameworks, crowns and bridges, veneers, implant treatment planning, fixed restorations, and now offers chairside services as well. We rebranded as NDX T.L.C. in 1997 and later rebranded to NDX Florida Laboratories along with a collection of Florida dental labs. With our combined strength of many experienced dental lab personnel you can be confident we will exceed your expectations with every case.

Our team continues to stay current with state of the art technologies and excels in adapting them to maximize your patients’ experience. Our highly trained technicians, with an average dental experience of over 25 years, are dedicated to providing high quality personal service, taking 100% responsibility for an excellent experience with high quality restorations.

NDX Florida’s fixed restorations are digitally designed and constructed under a microscope for precision and accuracy. Each case undergoes three quality assurance checks - the department head, senior management and our shipping department. In fact, we are so confident in our products and service, we give our NDX Florida Signature Service Guarantee.

Our NDX Florida team actively works to enhance the profession of restorative dentistry. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers in the dental community by offering not only the finest personal service and products, but by paying it forward with participation in Donated Dental Services and by support of local non-profit organizations, to name a few.