Highly scratch resistant, PMMAs offer transparency and high gloss in addition to good rigidity. They are an excellent option for both crowns and bridges, offering a beautiful temporary smile through strength and stability.

PMMA Temporaries

With our PMMA Temporaries, you can provide your patients with a beautiful smile as soon as you prepare their teeth. These crowns and full-arch bridges restore lost vertical dimension and promote contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions. The temporary material is designed using CAD/CAM and forms a tooth shape that protects the prepared tooth, preventing damage to the periodontal tissues (gums) and disguises the prepared tooth to a degree until the final restoration can be made.


  • 100% biocompatibility
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Reduce chairside preparation
  • Prevents damage to the periodontal tissues


  • 1.5mm occlusal and axial wall reduction
  • 1mm chamfer margin required

Adjusting and Polishing

  • Use a fine grit diamond at slow speed with copious amounts of water
  • Polish with a porcelain polishing wheel

What to Send

  • Upper and lower models, impressions, or digital scans
  • Bite Registration
  • Shade

Insurance Codes

  • D2799 Provisional crown – further treatment or completion of diagnosis necessary prior to final impression